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Damian's Awakening

This is a short story of Damian, who is actively trying to conquer the foe who stands before him. Bordius, Damian’s opponent, is relentless in his quest to be the stronger of the two. Another battle, but something is different this time.


Damian is a character I have been writing about for years, so when I was given the opportunity to make a film. I knew exactly who was going to be in it. I’ve been creating the world, developing him and other characters. The only thing is that since 1st year animation I knew I would bring my character to life I just didn't know how. Going into Sheridan's animation program I was a 2D animator and planned on staying that way. I grew up on action animation and that was and IS my passion. Especially action scenes that can have a story behind it or between characters in which the audience is very connected to and knows exactly what is on the line. Because these attributes were commonly seen in Eastern animation, such as the japanese 2D animation that I grew up on, it was only natural that I wanted to be a 2D action animator. 


But once I started 3D animation, I thought to myself, "hmmm this ain't too bad." Once I started along the 3D route I went on to create a film with my group in third year called “Anderson” ( It was a great opportunity, experience and I learned lots from it. One fear I had was I didn’t want to get too far away from the 2D components that I loved. Characteristics like; smears, awesome 2D effects, exaggeration. So early in 3rd Year I decided I would create a film with 3D character animation and 2D effects animation! I wanted to try and find a way to merge the two. 

Flash to sometime later and BOOM...I have a 3D/2D film!!

Enjoy the film beautiful people! Watch Below!


Behind The Scenes - Scene 47

As you can see below this is the progression shot of SC 47 (which was actually my first rendered scene huehuehue) from storyboards/layout to the final shot. I brought my storyboards (yes I know they are rough as hell) into maya so that my peers can have a better idea of location and readability when offering feedback. I then went onto rough animation and then clean animation. Once the 3D animation was finalized, I can then move onto 2D FX animation.

Now for the 2D animation (as you can see below). The reason I needed to have the 3D animation finalized is because I would be drawing right on top of my frames, so I needed to know that the camera would not be changed because then it would ruin the tracking of my hand drawn frames. Drawing on top of a moving environment proved to be a challenging task, but it must be done (*Thrusts a sword in the air like a knight*)!!


After I finished the 2D effects, I dropped it on top of the 3D renders! Then I added some prettiness to it (The compositing). Then I went to comp the whole scene and Voila!!! SC_047 is finished!

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